We would like to light a flame on the Kilimanjaro.

It should bring light and hope beyond our borders.

Inscription on the bronze plaque on the summit

News from Dresden

Podium dicussion: "Mainstream Media in India and Pakistan" - 21.12.2018

"2018:After the elections in Pakistan, signs of hope in south-east Asia

"Marshall Plan with Africa" on 26.09.18

On September 26, we will host an event to discuss the German government's investment and development initiative to boost economic growth in Africa. Titled with the Marshall Plan, he draws on the US development program to help the war-torn European countries after the Second World War. We will discuss the implications of these policies and their chances of success in the current political climate. Further details follow

Visit to the Hygiene-Museum for a city event "Demokratie-leben"

We attended the event and had a productive time, listening to various viewpoints regarding how to protect democracy in the country. The event was attended by high profile visitors such as the city mayor, pictured below. We further attended workshops on various topics such as diversity and tolerance and had a wonderful time participating.

"2018:The Year of the Dialogue?"- A productive discussion

On the 23th of August, power4africa in conjunction with Afropa organised an event titled "2018: The year of the Dialogue". The event was inspired by the recent elections in Pakistan causing a successful transfer of power to a democratically elected government for the second time in the country's history. As Dresden continues to commit itself to democracy with the city initiative, it is absolutely vital that we study democracy in other parts of the world and learn from their successes and failures. The event was slated to discuss the possibilities for a peaceful resolution of conflict between two nuclear powers as a result of democracy taking root and people being able to express themselves. We had various experts come in and give their input on the situation and had a productive discussion which touched on various issues such as religion, ethnicity and nationalism among a cozy crowd of people eager to know about the conflict and the situation on the ground. After the event, we served food indigenous to both the countries, as a way to demonstrate the similarities between the two nations. Overall, the event was well received by the people and left the place, happy to have learned a bit more about this vast complex world.