We would like to light a flame on the Kilimanjaro.

It should bring light and hope beyond our borders.

Inscription on the bronze plaque on the summit

13.04.2011 - power4africa

Project Mloka – Sustainable Electrification of Rural Areas

The Mloka SERA Project deals with the Mloka rural area’s electrification in Tanzania. Mloka is situated in the Selous Game Reserve, and with a population of only 1000 inhabitants, it is cut out from the national electrical network. The area can actually count on a small generator, as source of electricity, which regularly stops working.

Our pilot project foresees to make the area economically strong. A hybrid energy system consists of a solar generator and two diesel engines are planned to be installed. The sustainability of this system is ensured by solar accounting to about 93% in power generation. The combination with diesel engines assures a 24/7 electricity supply.

As mentioned before, the electrification of Mloka should improve also its economy. It is important to note, that the sector of ecotourism should not be jeopardized by the implementation of electrification.

The widening availability of electricity in the area could also mean a huge benefit for hospitals which would be capable to store medicines in dry and cold places. Through the electrification of the area, the schools would be able to offer to their student the latest learning methods, such as usage of the Internet, or even support to the organization’s evening courses.

The project security is provided by our local partner, the Selous Mbega Camp. Since 2000 the camp is settled at the Rufiji river in Mloka's neighborhood, beside other camps in the Selous Game Reserve.