We would like to light a flame on the Kilimanjaro.

It should bring light and hope beyond our borders.

Inscription on the bronze plaque on the summit

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  • Podium dicussion: "Mainstream Media in India and Pakistan" - 21.12.2018

    Der Dachverband sächsischer Migrantenorganisationen im Landtag

    Festival of Cultures Tivoli Freiberg on Faschingstag

    "The President of the highest Court in Saxony, Mr. Häfner addressing Participants during the open house on 28.10.2018"

    "Demonstration in Berlin - Octuber 13.2018"

    Our new projects

    "2018:After the elections in Pakistan, signs of hope in south-east Asia"

    "Marshall Plan with Africa" on 26.09.18

    On September 26, we will host an event to discuss the German government's investment and development initiative to boost economic growth in Africa. Titled with the Marshall Plan, he draws on the US development program to help the war-torn European countries after the Second World War. We will discuss the implications of these policies and their chances of success in the current political climate. Further details follow

    Getting first hand information in Lesbos

  • Briefing at sprawling MSF clinic in Lesbos

  • Carpentery training for refugees

  • Hazaras with their Greek tutor

  • Banding together with multi-national music

  • Narrow streets in Lesbos (like in Zanzibar)

  • Briefing in Pikpa camp in Lesbos where in 2015 over a half million refugees landed on the island. Total population of Lesbos 50000

  • Listening to refugee policies in lesbos

  • Classroom for refugees in lesbos

  • Explaining activities of Mosaik in Lesbos

  • Winding down to guitar music after a whole day session

  • Elaborating a point in Athens

  • Presentation by Nikos Hrysogelos, director of the Athenian Association Wind of Renewal

  • Meeting with Greek Party

    Participation in "ziviler Gehorsam" at the ship "August der Starke"

    Barbeque night event in the garden of Künsterlerhaus.

    Movie night event for young refugees and immigrants in Dresden.

    Africa-Week event in Dresden´s zoo.

    Participation at Saba Saba Dar es Salaam July 2017

    with the Tanzanian Minister of Justice, Prof. Kabudi

    Künstlerhaus in Klotzsche

    The association Power4africa has undertaken a new project in the Dresden´s district of Klotsche. The aim of this project is to build a Künstlerhaus, “artist’s house”, a place where connections between the inhabitants of Dresden and people from other nationalities and cultures will be encouraged. How could be this possible? Definitely by giving the chance, to those who wants to take one, to meet unfamiliar cultures. At the entrance of the Künstlerhaus there is the “Teestube”, tearoom and at the second floor are accommodated an atelier and the artist’s room. The project will furthermore include a lot of events, such as weekly readings, musical presentations, African drum courses and Asian music plays. An extensive program full of pleasant surprises for both young and old will be offered.

    We need your support! Please help us by visiting our Crowdfundingseite !!!

    This is the house that will be renovated.
    And our beautiful garden.
    The garden shed that will be used as Tee-Stube. Youtube video