We would like to light a flame on the Kilimanjaro.

It should bring light and hope beyond our borders.

Inscription on the bronze plaque on the summit

Dispensary in Tanganyika Masagati

Solar Power for a Clinic in Tanganyika Masagati

Power4africa's latest project is the installation of a solar power plant in the hospital of Tanganyika Masagati. Tanganyika Masagati is a secluded village in the Morogoro region, 650km from Dar es Salaam. The clinic is managed by the Evangelical Church in Tanzania. As the nearest hospital is 70 km away, the people could only rely on the clinic. Currently the clinic works thanks to the small solar power system, which make electricity available for the use of fundamental medical devices, such as microscopes. This new solar power system enables the detection of malaria and worms under the microscope, and it is also an improvement in cooling of medications. Moreover, the availability of uninterrupted power supply allows current qualified doctors and health care workers in this rural region to work efficiently. This project is no longer in the initial stages of its development. The first load of solar parcels is in fact already on its way to Tanganyika Masagati. Once these will be installed, the inhabitants and the doctors of Tanganyika Masagati will gain enormous benefits from the new electricity source.