We would like to light a flame on the Kilimanjaro.

It should bring light and hope beyond our borders.

Inscription on the bronze plaque on the summit

13.04.2011 - power4africa

Solarfarm in Moshi

The project

The organization Power4africa plans to build a solar farm with its partners in Moshi, a Tanzanian municipality situated on the lower slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. Local engineer, who were trained as part of the CERE project, are going to build it taking as a reference the biggest solar equipment of Africa in Ruanda. Approx. 11000 thin-film modules will produce, after their introduction, 144 MWh per year. The energy will be extracted without CO2 emissions and should be stored in the national net of Tanesco. The organization wants to strengthen Tanzania’s energy supply and contribute to the country’s economic growth.


Energy is not ensured in Africa. In particular, in Tanzania there still are vast regions that are not infrastructural developed. In these off-grid Regions people still have to heat their houses and cook using biomass. The organization Power4africa wants to strengthen the energy supply of these rural areas. In order to be able to reach its goals Power4africa acts in cooperation with partners and with the support of the Tanzanian government to build a solar panel plant as a pilot project for CERE.

We are still looking for partners or investors.