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Welcome to the homepage of power4africa!

Here you can find all the information regarding our association. Please contact us if you have any question or comment. We look forward to hearing from you,
your power4africa-Team

power4africa e.V. is an association located in the Technologie Zentrum Dresden. The main purpose is to draw the attention on Africa and on its potential, in order to give to the “ancient continent” its rightful place on earth. The association supports socially fair, ecologically sustainable and economically productive developments. We will foster these goals by disseminating information through seminars and workshops. These events aim to point out Africa’s historical and cultural wealth. Furthermore, we want to make German stakeholders aware of unknown economic and cultural opportunities in Africa.

If these opportunities are seized in cooperation with African communities, both sites can profit tremendously. The Africa Week is being held annually in the second half of November at the World Trade Centre in Dresden. The event draws entrepreneurs from across Africa, moreover African Ambassadors speak on the aspirations and opportunities in their countries. It fosters cross-cultural ties and contributes to material and social progress on both continents. It breaks with a patronizing Eurocentric world view and opens doors yet separating the two continents from each other. Thus, it contributes to a mutually beneficial dialogue where Africa is the equal of Europe.